Il Principe Collection

The "Il Principe" collection is our highest end of ties available anywhere in the world. Although the quality is the same as our other ties', the designs are much more sophisticated, multi-layered, and complex. "Il Principe" means the prince and these ties are fit for a prince, in every way. 

The designs are inspired by a feeling of mastery of the world, power over self, and nobility. If you are seeking a tie that separates you from the masses, and distinguishes you from the rest, this is the collection for you. If your tie is one that speaks to your multi-dimensional personality and that rare combination of business and artistic self, look no further. You will be recognized as world-class in this collection. 

Due to the extreme length of time it takes to create these designs, the size of our collection is limited. This is intentional. Anything this valuable 'should' be rare.