Il Prisma (The Prism)

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Prisma (The Prism). This unique tie demonstrates the refraction of light from darkness. It symbolizes victory over the multiple challenges that we face and overcome in order to move on to the next day. Its striking colors demonstrate that however much darkness there is, we need just a little bit of light, and with the power of refraction we can transform it into brightness. ‘You’ are the refraction mechanism. For the human spirit, only a small amount of light is required, and once we process it, as in refraction, we transform its wishes and desires into a reality that is bigger than the person him or herself. It is this power that creates the Olympic champions, the empires of the world, technology, and transformed many thoughts and their concepts into realities with powers that exceed the imaginations of man. ‘You’ are the refractory mechanism…follow your heart and your sprit; be who you want to be and create your reality.