Scacco Matto Nabile (Royal Check Mate)

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Scacco Matto Nabile (Royal Check Mate)—Exuding a feeling of sheer royalty in its rich green background, this tie, inspired by baroque architecture, speaks of quiet luxury, of winning without gloating. This tie demonstrates how life would be if you “had it all”. Part of the 'Prince' collection, it is worthy of the the best events you want to attend. The victory is symbolized by the medallion at the bottom of the tie that follows a long journey from the top, offering much green (the work you put in), but dotted by perfectly aligned jewels on the way to the victory, showing you that there are many rewards along the way. As we make our way down to the finish line, we have the grand finale, the ultimate test, for which we chose to use a chess board, albeit in a abstract fashion (this took a while to figure out) that would represent the final competition...and you won!